Raleigh, North Carolina

Bio: Although many enjoy my writing and believe I'm in the wrong career field (clinical research), I somewhat disagree. You see, although I enjoy writing, if I had to do it all the time or had to write about things I didn't care about...I would absolutely hate it! Therefore, I believe I am exactly where God needs me to be at the moment. Even though I feel that I would love to get compensated for something I enjoy, I don't believe that I need to promote my writing or gain a ton of followers at this point. The people who are meant to read it will stumble upon it or receive an email from me with my link lol. I appreciate the few friends that do read and share their thoughts with me. Perhaps one day I will have my very own column in a magazine or my blog will be sought out by many, but until then, I'm cool and grateful with the way things are today. There is only one Chyla Keys in the world! Believe me, I've checked 🙂

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One thought on “About

  1. Ruth says:

    Hello Chyla, I just happened to stumble across your blog. I love the honesty and authenticity in your writing. Not eveyone knows how to allow their true selves freedom to be seen by others. Your words are a breath of fresh air. You should consider submitting your articles to magazines and publications as I know there are many out there who can benefit from your insightful and soul searching messages. You have a beautiful spirit and the world needs to see it. Namaste 11/22/2015

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